Purchase Application

Application for Purchase of Apartment # ____

350 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10014

Please forward one original copy of the complete package to the Closing department at Maxwell-Kates, Inc. Please do not submit incomplete packages. Incomplete packages are not processed. (8 x 11 copies preferred and all information must be legible). The Board of Directors and/or management reserve the right to request additional information at any time during the review and interview process. All proposed shareholders and occupants must be available to interview in person before the Board Admissions Committee. ALL SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS MUST BE BLANKED OUT ON TAX RETURNS.

Maximum Financing: 80%

Please complete the following Application Submission Requirements:

  1. Purchase Application, completed and signed. (Please include names and ages of all proposed occupants).
  2. Contract of Sale executed by all parties.
  3. Lead Paint Disclosure form and Window Guard form must be executed by Seller, Purchaser, and Agent.
  4. Credit authorization form and Contact Information Form to be completed by purchaser(s).
  5. Purchaser(s) to submit letter from present landlord or managing agent.
  6. Letter from employer(s) stating job function, salary and length of employment inclusive with current payroll stub.
  7. One (1) bank reference letter must be submitted for each applicant named on the contract.
  8. Three (3) personal letters of reference must be submitted.
  9. House Rules acknowledgement must be signed and dated by each applicant.
  10. Roof Deck Rules must be signed and dated by each applicant.
  11. Floor Plan of apartment must be submitted including measurements of rooms and carpeting.
  12. If financing, commitment letter, appraisal and three (3) original executed Aztech Recognition agreements must be submitted with the package.
  13. Net Worth affidavit must be executed by purchaser(s).
  14. Statement of Assets and Liabilities must be filled out by all purchaser(s). (Balance sheet, notes to balance sheet, annual income statement and expense). Packages must include verification of assets (i.e. letter from bank(s) stating type of account, amount on deposit, in dollars and age of account monthly brokerage statements, etc.)
  15. Fully executed copies of the last two years tax return with corresponding W-2 forms must be submitted with package. Social Security Numbers must be blacked out.

Special Estate Transfer Requirements: (Please submit a fee of $500.00 payable to Maxwell-Kates, Inc for the required review by in-house legal counsel).

  1. Certified copy of Death Certificate.
  2. Original testamentary letters (within the last (6) six months).
  3. Copy of the Decedent’s Will with attorney Certification.
  4. Affidavit as to the payments of Debts and Domicile.
  5. Internal Revenue Service Certificate discharging property subject to Federal Estate Lien.
  6. New York State Certificate discharging property subject to New York State Tax Lien.

Please be advised that a Power of Attorney will not be permitted for the Executor. The Executor must attend or have all documents pre-signed. If there is more than one executor, one must be present at closing and the other(s) must have all documents pre-signed.

Fees Due Upon Submission of Package:

  1. Move-Out refundable security deposit of $2,500.00 from seller payable to 350 Bleecker Street Apartment Corp.
  2. Move-Out fee of $750 from seller payable to 350 Bleecker Street Apartment Corp.
  3. Check in the amount of $150.00 from purchaser per each individual applicant named on the contract and as a guarantor (if applicable), payable to Maxwell-Kates, Inc. for credit/criminal reports.
  4. Application submission fee from purchaser in the amount of $350.00 payable to Maxwell-Kates, Inc.
  5. Application submission fee from purchaser in the amount of $350.00 payable to 350 Bleecker Street Apartment Corp.
  6. Board Interview Special Request Fee from purchaser to the Co-op (when interview requested on day other than monthly Board meeting; may be granted solely at the option of the Board): $500
  7. Move-In Fee of $750.00 from purchaser payable to 350 Bleecker Street Apartment Corp.
  8. Move-In refundable security deposit of $2,500.00 from seller payable to 350 Bleecker Street Apartment Corp.

Fees Due at Closing: (Please note that if the closing is not completed within two (2) hours, an additional charge of $250.00 per hour will be added to the fee. If our transfer agent attends a closing that is not consummated, or if the closing is adjourned with less than 48 Hour’s notice, there will be an additional charge of $250.00).

  1. Seller Stock Certificate Transfer and Filing Fee of $600.00 (by endorsed certified or bank cashier’s check) payable to Maxwell-Kates, Inc. If this is an estate sale, this fee will be $750.00.
  2. Flip Tax of 2% of the gross sales price payable to 350 Bleecker Street Apartment Corp.
  3. Seller Transfer Stamp Tax Fee of $00.05 per share payable to Maxwell-Kates, Inc.
  4. Recognition Agreement Financing Fee of $150.00 from purchaser payable to Maxwell-Kates, Inc.
  5. Recognition Agreement Financing Fee of $150.00 from purchaser payable to 350 Bleecker Street Apartment Corp.
  6. Purchaser Stock Certificate Transfer and Filing Fee (if financing with a mortgage), to managing agent: $600
  7. Purchaser Stock Certificate Transfer and Filing Fee (if purchasing with cash and no third-party financing), to managing agent: $300
  8. Adjournment of Closing (at closing or less than 24 hours prior notice of postponement) by either party, to managing agent : $150
  9. Closing Documents Sent in Advance of Closing Date for an estate sale (by either party), to managing agent: $100

The seller must be fully paid up on all maintenance charges, assessments and any other obligations to the Corporation prior to any transfer of shares. The proposed owner cannot occupy an apartment and no furniture may be moved in until after the closing.

Note: the following form also may be downloaded as an Excel (.xls) spreadsheet.

The co-op strongly suggests that you read through the web site to familiarize yourself with
the co-op's rules, procedures, and details needed to purchase, finance, or sublet an apartment.

a. Have you looked at the co-op's web site? http://www.350bleecker.com/   ____ Yes     ____ No

c. Have you read the FAQ section? http://www.350bleecker.com/building/documents/faqs   ____ Yes     ____ No

d. Have you shown the exact dimensions of every room on your floor plan?    ____ Yes     ____ No

e. Have you shown the exact dimensions of every carpet on your floor plan?    ____ Yes     ____ No

Owner's Information

Name: _____________________________________________________________________

Future Address: ___________________________________________________________

Home Telephone: _____________________ Work Telephone: _____________________

E-mail Address: ___________________________________________________________

Applicant's Information
(separate application required for each person who will reside in the
apartment and each guarantor)

Name: _____________________________________________________________________

Present Address: __________________________________________________________

Home telephone: _____________________ Work Telephone:______________________

E-mail Address: _____________________ Social Security Number ______________

Employer: _____________________________ Position: _________________________

Employer's Address: _______________________________________________________

Names of all persons who will reside in apartment and if children,
state number and their ages: ______________________________________________


Names of all club/society memberships, fraternity/honorary societies to
which applicant belongs:




Schools and colleges attended by purchaser/occupants:




Names of all residents in the building known by the applicant:



Does applicant wish to keep any pets, and if so, please specify:



Present landlord/agent, address, telephone #, monthly rent, and length
of occupancy:



Previous landlord/agent, address, telephone #, monthly rent, and length
of occupancy:



Have you ever sued any landlord (including the cooperative corporation in
which you owned shares)? If yes, please give complete details separately.




List every person/entity you have sued in the last five years.




Has any landlord (including the cooperative corporation in which you owned
shares) ever sued you? If yes, please give complete details separately.

List every person/entity who has sued you in the last five years.




Do you practice playing, or do you intend on practicing, a musical instrument
of any sort? Give details, including type of instrument, length of practice,
and time during the day.




Do you want your monthly maintenance deducted automatically from your
checking account?  ____ Yes   ____ No
If yes, please fill out this form and attach it to your application.

Do you intend to run any business out of the apartment?  ____ Yes   ____ No

Will you leave your keys with the superintendent at all times so that he can
enter in the case of an unforeseen emergency?  ____ Yes   ____ No

Do you agree to pay the co-op $2,500 anytime you or any of your guests smoke
in any area of the building outside of your apartment?  ____ Yes   ____ No

Personal References (no relatives, employers, or landlords):

1. Name: __________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________

E-mail address:_________________________ Phone Number: ____________________

2. Name: __________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________

E-mail address:_________________________ Phone Number: ____________________

3. Name: __________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________

E-mail address:_________________________ Phone Number: ____________________

See Annexed Requirements.

I (We) certify the foregoing statements are true and intend the Board to rely
upon them when considering this application. I (We) agree to pay all applicable fees.

DATED: ______________    ________________________________________

                               Purchaser or Guarantor

DATED: ______________    ________________________________________

New Owner may not move in until:

  1. The owner has been interviewed and approved by the Board of Directors.
  2. Stoves/ovens with 24-hour continuous, gas burning pilot lights must be removed from the apartment.
  3. 80% of the apartment has been carpeted, with heavy padding installed. The carpet and stove requirements must be inspected/approved by a board member.
  4. The initial carpet/stove inspection is free. A failure thereafter (ie. a second failure) is subject to a $250 fee. The failure is subject to a $500 fee. And each subsequent failure is subjected to a fee equal to the prior fee plus $500 (eg. the fourth failure is subject to a $1,000 fee).

Managing Agent:
Neil Levin
Maxwell-Kates, Inc.
9 East 38th Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10016
Phone: 212 684 8282
Fax: 212 684 8077

Rifat Otovic
350 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10014
212-989-1565/Voice & Fax

Credit Check
(Required for every owner, occupant and guarantor)

To Whom It May Concern:

The undersigned confirms that all of the information supplied is true and correct. I/We understand that I/we can be turned down if the information is false or misleading. The undersigned authorize(s) 350 Bleecker Street Apartment Corp. and its attorneys (and any company they may use for this process) to (i) contact any of the employers, former employers, banks, lending institutions, landlords, educational institutions, references, etc. described herein for information bearing upon this application, and the undersigned releases them from any liability and responsibility, and (ii) obtain information concerning the applicant(s) from any source, including, but not limited to, a consumer reporting agency and housing court files.

Print Name: ____________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________

City/State: __________________________ Zip Code: _______________

Current Employer: ______________________________________________

Address of employer: ___________________________________________

Employer's City/State: _________________ Zip Code: _____________

Supervisor (if any): _______________ Supervisor Phone: _________

Social Security Number: _____________________

Home Telephone Number: ______________________

Business Telephone Number: __________________ Date of Birth: _____________

Signature: ___________________________________ Date: ___________

Financial Statement
(Required for each purchaser and guarantor)

Name: _____________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________

Date: _____________________________________

Assets (Attach copies of statements of each account.)

1. Bank Name

   Checking Account #: ______________________           $ _________________

   Savings  Account #: ______________________           $ _________________

   Other:  __________________________________           $ _________________

2. Mutual Funds / Investment Accounts
   (Exclude all retirement accounts such as IRA's, Keogh, 401K, profit sharing,
   pension plan, etc. from this section)

   a. Mutual Fund Names and Account #

      ____________________________________________      $ _________________

      ____________________________________________      $ _________________

   b. Liquid Assets Accounts Names and Numbers

      ____________________________________________      $ _________________

      ____________________________________________      $ _________________

   c. CD's

      ____________________________________________      $ _________________

      ____________________________________________      $ _________________

   d. Stocks & Bonds / Brokerage Accounts  Names & Numbers

      ____________________________________________      $ _________________

      ____________________________________________      $ _________________

   e. Other Accounts

      ____________________________________________      $ _________________

      ____________________________________________      $ _________________

3. Real Estate

   Address and Type of Property (private home, rental property, etc.)


    ____________________________________________        $ _________________

    ____________________________________________        $ _________________

    ____________________________________________        $ _________________

4. Life Insurance Company

   ________________________________________  Account #_____________________

   Is this term life or whole life? ___________________

   The face amount of the policy: _____________________

   What is current surrender value?                     $ _________________

5. Automobile -- Model / Year

   __________________________________                   $ _________________

   __________________________________                   $ _________________

6. Personal Property and Furniture Value                $ _________________

7. Other Assets That Are Not Included Above
  (notes receivable, down-payment on this apartment, etc.)

   __________________________________                   $ _________________

   __________________________________                   $ _________________

8. Total of all of the above (1-7)                      $ _________________

9. Retirement / IRA Accounts Balance

   a. IRA's

   _____________________________________________        $ _________________

   _____________________________________________        $ _________________

   b. 401K

   _____________________________________________        $ _________________

   c. Keogh

   _____________________________________________        $ _________________

   d. Pension Plan / Profit Sharing

   _____________________________________________        $ _________________

   _____________________________________________        $ _________________

   e. Other $

   _____________________________________________        $ _________________

10. Total of IRA / Retirement                           $ _________________

11. Total Assets (Total of 1-9)                         $ _________________

Source of Income

12. Employer(s) / length of time employed (if self-employed, list "self")
    Please include base salary, bonuses, and commissions.

    ____________________________________________       $ __________________

    ____________________________________________       $ __________________

    ____________________________________________       $ __________________

13. Do you own your own business?  Yes ___   No ___

    (If yes, a credit report, accountant's financial statement, and 2 years of tax returns required)

    Name and type of business: ____________________________________________

    Address of business: __________________________________________________

    Number of years in business ______

14. Dividend and Interest Income (combined for year)   $ __________________

15. Investment Income                                  $ __________________

16. Real Estate                                        $ __________________

17. Other                                              $ __________________

18. Total Income                                       $ __________________


19. Loans

    _____________________________________________      $ __________________

    _____________________________________________      $ __________________

20. Mortgages (including the mortgage for this apartment)

    _____________________________________________      $ __________________

    _____________________________________________      $ __________________

21. Unpaid Real Estate Taxes                           $ __________________

22. Unpaid Income Taxes                                $ __________________

23. Chattel Mortgages                                  $ __________________

24. Loans on Life Insurance Policies                   $ __________________

25. Outstanding Credit Cards Loans                     $ __________________

26. Lines of Credit (Current Balance)                  $ __________________

27. Do you owe other taxes (all types)? Yes __  No __

    Amount Owed:                                       $ __________________

28. Do you owe any money as a result of legal action?  Yes __  No __

    Amount Owed:                                       $ __________________

29. Other Liabilities (include debts to friends or relatives)

    ____________________________________________       $ __________________

    ____________________________________________       $ __________________

    ____________________________________________       $ __________________

30. Total of all Liabilities                           $ __________________

31. Net Worth (Total Assets - Total Liabilities)       $ __________________

32. Are you a defendant in a legal action?  Yes _____  No   _____

33. Have you ever filed for bankruptcy?     Yes _____  No   _____

34. Do you have any unsatisfied judgements? Yes _____  No   _____

35. Yearly child support payments                      $ __________________

36. Yearly alimony payments paid                       $ __________________

Projected Expenses Per Month

    Apartment Loan                                     $___________________

    Other Mortgages                                    $___________________

    Bank Loans                                         $___________________

    Auto Loans                                         $___________________

    Other Monthly Payments                             $___________________

37. Total Projected Expenses per Month                 $ __________________

Name of CPA or Executor, if any: __________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________


Date:  __________  Signature: _____________________________________________


That Article (5) of the House Rules is deleted in its entirety and the following is substituted in lieu thereof:

            (5).1.   Subject to the provisions hereof, no Lessee shall make or permit any disturbing noises in the building or do or permit anything to be done therein which will interfere with the rights, comfort or convenience of other Lessees.

            (5).2.   No Lessee shall play upon or suffer to be played upon any musical instrument or permit to be operated a Sound Machine (as defined in the following sentence) except during the following hours:

Monday through Thursday, 9:00 A.M. through 9:00 P.M.,
Friday 9:00 A.M. through 10:00 P.M.
Saturday,noon through 10:00 P.M.
Sunday, noon through 10:00 P.M.
Legal Holidays, noon through 9:00 P.M.

If such musical instrument or Sound Machine shall disturb other occupants of the building. A "Sound Machine" is collectively defined as follows:

            (5).2.1.   Phonograph, radio, television, video tape player, -audio tape player, CD player, or computer; or

            (5).2.2.   Any electronic or mechanical device with or without a loud speaker which is designed to reproduce or amplify sound; or

            (5).2.3.   Any other device or appliance that makes noise, even if making noise is not its primary purpose.

            (5).3.   An apartment which was created by combining one or more apartments shall be considered one apartment for the purposes of this House Rule #5.

            (5).4.   Anything contained in this House Rule #5 to the contrary notwithstanding, this House Rule shall not be deemed to prevent a Lessee from operating one or multiple musical instruments or Sound Machines simultaneously if by nature and design 100% of the noise remains contained in the apartment from which such noise emanates. Such containment measures may include but shall not be limited to the use of headphones or acoustical installations.

            (5).5   Notwithstanding anything to the contrary (except as provided in paragraph (5).4. above), in no event shall:

(a)  noise exceed 45 decibels (including ambient street noise when the windows are closed) as heard in another Lessee's apartment, except during construction pursuant to an alteration agreement entered into between Lessor and Lessee,

(b)   more than one musical instrument or Sound Machine be operated in any one apartment at one time.

            (5).6.   If a Lessee advises the Board in writing that such Lessee is being disturbed by noise emanating from another apartment, then the Board shall attempt to mediate the dispute, if any. If the mediation fails, the complaining Lessee may hire an engineer to measure the alleged noise heard in the complaining Lessee's apartment. Costs of the engineer shall be at the complaining Lessee's expense, except if the Board, in its sole discretion, elects to reimburse the complaining Lessee. Reimbursement of such fees is contingent upon the Board's determination of the following factors, in addition to such other factors as the Board may deem relevant:

            (5).6.1.   that these House Rules have been violated;

            (5).6.2.   that mediation has failed; and

            (5).6.3.   further legal action is necessary to resolve the dispute.

The Board may then take such legal action, which, in its sole opinion, it deems most appropriate.

            (5).7.   No construction or repair work or other installation involving noise shall be conducted in any apartment except on weekdays (not including legal holidays) and only between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M., except if specifically authorized in advance in writing by the Board.

            (5).8.   If any provision, paragraph, or subparagraph of this Rule is adjudged by any court of law to be void or unenforceable, in whole or part, such adjudication shall not be deemed to affect the validity of the remainder of the Rule, including any other provision, paragraph, and subparagraph. Each provision, paragraph, and subparagraph of this Rule is declared to be separable from every other provision, paragraph, and subparagraph and constitutes a separate and distinct rule.


That Article (21) of the House Rules is amended as follows:

            (21) Unless expressly authorized by the Board Of Directors in each case, the floors of each apartment must be covered with rugs or carpeting or equally effective noise-reducing material to the extent of at least 80% of the floor area of each room excepting only kitchens, pantries, bathrooms, maid's rooms and closets.

Copy received: ____________________________

Dated: ___________________________________


The Board unanimously adopted the following rules. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact any board member.

The entire deck is open to all shareholders and residents at all times.

The fee for use of the roof other than as stated in the rules is $2,500.00.

The following are prohibited

  • smoking (see the full No Smoking Policy below)
  • walking on the tarred area or fire escape
  • running
  • pets
  • ball playing
  • unsupervised children under age 14
  • use of the south entrance (10th Street side)
  • sitting on the parapet wall
  • cooking
  • throwing anything off the roof
  • littering
  • playing a radio or TV or any other sound device operation without headphones
  • candles or objects with flames

Personal property may not be left on the deck when you leave.

There may be no parties (with over six guests per apartment) or events without Board approval in advance. Shareholders and tenants are responsible for the behavior of their nonresident guests.

Guests may be invited to use the roof as long as the resident or shareholder is present and the number of guests at any one time per apartment is less than seven. (If two or more people live in one apartment, then the maximum number of guests is still less than seven. If the apartments have been joined together, the maximum is less than seven for the total.)

Violations of the rules may subject the shareholder or resident to roof fees or other actions, including restitution and/or lease termination.

When someone wants to have a roof party with over six guests per apartment, permission must be granted in advance by the board. To make the procedure more equitable, the following guidelines were adopted:

a.   Regular roof rules must be observed.

b.   Sunday through Thursday, the party must end by 9:30 PM.

c.   Friday and Saturday, the party must end by 10:00 PM.

d.   Anyone planning to hold a roof party with over 6 guests must be in compliance with all rules of the co-op.

e.   The Board must be contacted at least three weeks in advance in writing, including all details.

f.   Notification will be posted on the bulletin board by the host of the party immediately after the board grants permission.

g.   A deposit of $500 is required.

h.   No roof noise may disturb the sixth floor residents.

i.   Non resident guests limited to 20 people (with an admission list furnished in advance).

j.   Three hour limit to parties.

k.   A member of the staff must be present during the party; cost to be billed to the apartment hosting the party. The staff member will make sure all roof rules are followed and that the person throwing the party removes any trash from the roof garden.

l.   Unauthorized parties of over six guests per apartment are subject to a $2,500 fee.

Copy received:  ______________________________

Dated:  ___________________________________

Smoking Policy

“Smoking”, which includes Vaping, as it pertains to this No Smoking Policy means any inhaling, exhaling, burning, or carrying any lighted conventional cigarette, cigar, or pipe, operating electronic cigarette, or other form of lighted object or operating device which contains tobacco or any other material that produces smoke or non-therapeutic aerosol for inhalation. Smoking is prohibited within 25 feet of the front entrance of the building as well as in any of the building’s common areas, including and without limitation to: the Lobby, hallways, Roof Deck, Courtyards (lower and mid-level), elevators, stairwells, basement, Laundry Room, gym, and garage. Smoking is not permitted on any balconies, patios, or terraces adjoining apartments. Smoking is permitted inside apartments, but only if the smoke, odor, or vapor attributed thereto does not escape the apartment so as to be perceptible in other apartments, in the hallways, or other common areas. As with all House Rules, this policy applies to both the Shareholder, and the Shareholder is also responsible for all of his or her guests. A $2,500 penalty will be assessed for each violation to the responsible Shareholder.

I/We have read and acknowledge the above information regarding the Co-op's Smoking Policy.



Gas, Smoke & CO2 Leak Policy

Suspected Gas Leak Procedure:

When a resident suspects a gas leak, the following actions should be taken immediately:

  1. Quickly open nearby doors and windows and then leave the apartment immediately. Do not attempt to locate the leak. Do not turn on or off any electrical appliances. Do not smoke, or light matches or lighters. Do not use a house-phone or cell-phone in the apartment;
  2. After leaving the apartment and the building, from a safe distance, call 911 immediately to report the suspected gas leak;
  3. After calling 911, call the gas service provider for this building: Con Edison of New York / (800) 752-6633
Smoke Detectors:

The law requires the owner of every apartment to install one or more approved and operational smoke detectors in each apartment and to periodically replace such devices upon the expiration of their useful life in accordance with article 312 of chapter 3 of title 28 of the New York City Administrative Code. The Shareholder of each apartment is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the detectors installed in the apartment and for replacing any or all detectors which are removed, missing, or become inoperable with a device meeting the requirements of Article 312 of Chapter 3 of Title 28 of the Administrative Code, unless a detector becomes inoperable within one year of being installed due to a manufacturing defect. The Shareholder of each apartment in this building in which a battery-operated smoke detector is provided and installed shall pay the Co-op a maximum of $25 or a maximum of $50 where a combined smoke and carbon monoxide detecting device is installed for the cost of providing and installing each detector.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors:

The law requires the Shareholder to install a carbon monoxide alarm in his/her apartment(s) in this building. The carbon monoxide alarm must be placed within 15 feet of the primary entrance to each sleeping room, must be equipped with an end of life alarm, and must be periodically replaced by the Shareholder as necessary when the suggested useful life of the alarm expires. The Shareholder is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the alarms installed in the apartment and for replacing any or all alarms that are removed, missing, or become inoperable. The Shareholder of each apartment in which a carbon monoxide alarm is provided and installed must pay the Co-op $25.00 per alarm, or a maximum of $50.00 per device where a combined smoke and carbon monoxide detecting device is installed on the Shareholder’s behalf. This fee covers the cost of the work for the initial installation.

I/We have read and acknowledge the Gas, Smoke & CO2 Leak Policy.