Alteration Agreement

For all minor alterations please fill out the Light Work Agreement. Light work alterations in general, are limited to: minimal patching of walls, painting, wall paper, replacing existing light fixtures, outlets, and light switches, replacing kitchen and bathroom faucets/handles, and replacing kitchen and bathroom countertops.

All other alteration work in an apartment is covered by the Alteration Agreement, which requires the Co-op engineer’s (or architect’s) review, approval, and oversight. The following fees apply to the engineer’s (architect’s) services and are the responsibility of the Shareholder:

  • Coordination and Review of Alteration Co-op Agreement, and Architectural Plans, Collection of Alteration Security Deposit, Report to Board (for all alterations), to managing agent: $250
  • Review of alteration plans submitted to Building Management, Building Superintendent, and the Board, paid to the building engineer: $225/hour (minimum of two hours)
  • Ongoing on-site inspections by the engineer, paid to the building engineer: $550 per visit (multiple visits may be required)
  • Other time required of engineer including: reviews, inspections, consultations, and reports as required by the Board, Building Superintendent, or Building Management; communications, letters, and discussions with the aforementioned, the Shareholder, or his/her architect/contractor, all paid to the building engineer: $225/hour billed in one-half hour increments
  • Final approval and report from engineer to Board and Building Management, paid to the building engineer: $250 to $500 (depending on complexity)
  • Alteration Maintenance Fee, paid to the Co-op: $500/month for the duration of the construction
  • Utility Shut-Down Fee (Water, Gas or Power), paid to the Co-op: $300 per line per occurrence
  • Fine for contractors leaving the Lobby door open while unattended by building staff, to be paid by the Shareholder for whom the contractor work, to the Co-op: $250 per occurrence

Shareholders must complete and submit to Building Management either the Light Work Notification form or the Alteration Agreement, as applicable, for all apartment alterations and renovations and comply with the requirements set forth therein. Board approval is required for all apartment alterations and renovations prior to the commencement of any work.