Smoking Policy

The Co-op’s Smoking Policy, which is set forth in the House Rules, is as follows:

There is No Smoking anywhere in the building, from the roof to the basement, including the garage, other than in a resident’s apartment. There will be a fine of $2,500 if any resident or invitee of a resident smokes in any area of the building outside that resident’s apartment.

The “Co-op Fees & Fines” Schedule, which is incorporated by reference and is part of the House Rules, further states under “Building Fines”: Smoking in any of the building’s common areas, including but not limited to the Roof Garden, Courtyards, basement, stairwells, garage, lobby, etc. is strictly prohibited. A fine of $2,500 will be assessed to the Shareholder or resident for his/her guests violating the No Smoking Policy. The Roof Deck Rules also specify that smoking is prohibited on the Roof Deck and each violation is subject to a fine of $2,500.