Courtyard Rules

(If you are looking for the roof deck rules, please click here.)

The Board unanimously adopted the following rules for the courtyard. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact any board member.

The Courtyard is open daily from 6 A.M. to 9 P.M.

The fee for use of the courtyard other than as stated in the rules is $2,500.00.

The following are prohibited

  • smoking (see the full No Smoking Policy)

  • excessive noise

  • pets

  • ball playing

  • unsupervised children under age 14

  • cooking/use of grill without prior Board approval

  • littering

  • musical instruments

  • kiddy pools

  • playing a radio or TV or any other sound device operation without headphones

  • candles or objects with flames

Personal property may not be left in the courtyard when you leave.

There may be no parties or events (with over six guests per apartment) without Board approval in advance. Lessees and sublessees are responsible for the behavior of their nonresident guests.

Guests may be invited to use the courtyard as long as the lessee or sublessee who invited them is present and the number of guests per apartment is no more than six. (If apartments have been joined together, or the lessee owns more than one non-joined apartment, the maximum number of guests per group still cannot exceed six.)

Violations of the rules may subject the lessee or sublessee to courtyard fines or other actions, including restitution and/or lease termination.

Permission must be granted in advance by the Board if a lessee or sublessee wants to have a courtyard party with over six guests per apartment.

Unauthorized parties of over six guests per apartment are subject to a $2,500 fine.

When requesting permission to have a courtyard party with over six guests per apartment, the lessee or sublessee requesting permission must acknowledge that they have read and will comply with the following rules:

a. The host(s) and all invited guests must adhere to all of these House Rules, including but not limited to, all of the regular courtyard rules.

b. The board must be contacted at least three weeks in advance in writing, including all details.

c. Notification must be posted on the bulletin board by the host of the party within a day after the board grants permission.

d. A deposit of $500 is required, and must be paid within a week of the party, or within two days after the board grants permissions, whichever is later.

e. No courtyard noise may disturb the lobby floor residents.

f. No courtyard noise may disturb the lobby floor residents.

g. There is a three hour limit to parties.

h. A member of the staff must be present during the party; cost to be billed to the apartment hosting the party. The staff member will make sure all rules are followed and that the person throwing the party removes any trash from the courtyard.

i. The host(s) and all guests (including residents) must remain in the lower courtyard.

The Board will not consider a request to hold a party in the courtyard if the lessee or sublessee seeking to host the party is otherwise in violation of these House Rules or if such Shareholder or resident has any unpaid fees, fines, penalties, or maintenance charges. Only once the lessee or sublessee is in full compliance with these House Rules and has paid any outstanding fees, fines, penalties or maintenance charges, will the Board consider approving the request for a courtyard party.

The midlevel courtyard is intended to be a quiet area for residents only. Residents using this area must keep conversations, including on cellphones, to a minimum.

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