Guest Form

The Board has instructed the building staff to deny entry to any non-occupants (guests) of an apartment if the Shareholder does not or will not reside in the apartment with his or her guest(s). Allowing non-resident family, friends, or acquaintances (with or without compensation) to stay in an apartment when the Shareholder or legal resident is traveling or lives elsewhere is prohibited.

The Proprietary Lease and the House Rules prohibit subletting an apartment without the consent of the Co-op’s Board of Directors. In addition, renting an apartment on a short-term basis is in violation of the Multiple Dwelling Law and New York City Housing Maintenance Code.

Shareholders or legal residents who engage in short-term, unapproved, and illegal apartment rentals, or allowing occupancy of an apartment by unauthorized guests (even if without compensation to the Shareholder or legal resident) will be fined $500 per day for each day of the unauthorized stay, plus any legal fees and related costs.

This Apartment Access Authorization Guest Form is required in the following situations:

  • When a guest is staying in one's apartment.
  • When a Shareholder or legal resident will not be present at the time a guest arrives. This is relevant when the Shareholder or legal resident may be at work or away from the building for a very short time. The Shareholder or legal resident must be occupying the apartment on a full-time basis (including overnight) when guests are staying in the apartment.
  • When a domestic employee requires access to the apartment in the Shareholder’s or legal resident’s absence. Permitting such access to employees is at the Shareholder’s or legal resident’s risk.
  • When a visitor is not staying overnight but will be performing some service while the Shareholder or legal resident is away (i.e., feed pets, walk dogs, water plants, clean, etc.).

Even with the submission of this form, Shareholders or legal residents must accompany guests when using any building amenity, including the Roof Garden, Courtyard, and gym.

This Apartment Access Authorization Guest Form must be submitted to the managing agent, Maxwell-Kates, at least five days prior to the arrival of guests. Completing this Guest Form and submitting it does not convey automatic permission for a guest stay. Such authorization is granted only by the Board of Directors. If it is believed that the information provided in this Guest Form is not accurate or a guest is undesirable to the majority of the Shareholders, the guest will be denied access into the building or asked to vacate if the stay has commenced. Any expenses, fees, and fines for violations of the House or Roof Garden/Courtyard Rules by a guest will be the responsibility of the Shareholder or legal resident.

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