Intercom Instructions

A new, state-of-the-art Touchscreen Intercom System was installed at 350 Bleecker Street. This new system works via telephone, which means that your old in-apartment intercom is no longer operative. Below are instructions on how to use the new system.


* When a guest buzzes your apartment from the new intercom system, the system will place a phone call to the telephone number(s) you provided

* The number that the intercom system will be calling from is (212) 367-2101. You may want to program this number into your phone as the Lobby Entrance

* To allow a person into the building, after the new system calls you, press 9 # on your phone

* Your apartment number is not listed in the directory for security purposes, so you may need to provide your apartment number if necessary

* Two names (each no more than 16 characters) may be included in the directory; each may have different phone numbers. Your phone numbers are not disclosed

* Each name is also a unique four-digit code which can be provided to visitors in order to lookup their name/apartment. You can find your unique code by selecting your name in the system and looking towards the upper right-hand side of the display

* If your name is misspelled, please send an email or speak to Rifo. We apologize for any incorrect spellings

FOR GUESTS & DELIVERY PEOPLE (they will have to):

* Type in a few letters of your first or last name, or your unique four digit code

* Touch the line of the name of the person they are visiting; the name will be highlighted

* Touch the screen where it indicates “Call”; the system will automatically call your phone (again, your number is not disclosed to the visitor or delivery person); you may allow the person entry by pressing 9 # on your phone