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You saw William as King, not Charles. 01/26/22 AT 8:21 AM GMT. The moral conflict between Charles and Harry may have got bogged down amongst other causes (Dianas death; Charles and Camilla getting married etc.) Of course bluff King Hal was a spare, eventually taking the throne after the earlier death of his gentle, learned brother Arthur. It was ok in the beginning, besides clickbait cash is enormous, but it will pool more wool over our eyes if it carries on much longer. Hello Jessica, thank you for your replies to so many comments this blog is more informative and wide ranging than the press. On the right of the pathway is a memorial bench like structure to her, where people leave flowers. A nightmare. There is also a question about the FBI under Donald Trump, during the era known as Trump Russia. Meghan of course played an FBI agent on television. I completely agree with you about Harrys therapist why would you encourage a man who suffers with anxiety to put himself through the pressure of this global book release and media controversy? Wow. I hope Diana was able to communicate through the medium. Its never boring is it? No-one knows that, Meghan told Oprah Winfrey. Hi Jessica Again smoke and mirrors! The event itself does not seem Covid safe; lots of people in a hotel, no mention of HEPA filters, UVC light or anything else. Intuitive or psychic people sense that and that is why everybody is so concerned. I agree the versions of the meeting has changed. There may also be very good reasons why you are fed up. On the surface we have only heard one narrative that seems to change with each telling. Thanks for adding to the discussion. QE2 inherited it from her grandmother Queen Mary and wore it several times in all 3 versions. This really is a evolving story! Thanks again for everything you do. Neptune in astrology is a symbol of alternative reality. Do you have any thoughts on that Jessica? Thank you. The Independent UK has an article dated 18th April 2009 entitled The jousting accident that turned Henry VIII into a tyrant. There were other people in there coordinating various things. The Church of England has her Pluto Return which is also dramatic. I just didnt buy into the persona she projects. Pluto leaves Capricorn so elite white plutocrats are over. Both fell in love with captains. (You have to pair them together as this is about the Leo eclipses). Hi Jessica, The clincher is Ukraine. Perhaps its not Meghan. I think I have been living under a rock for the past few years. Truth. It took a DNA test to reveal it, too. Spares arent always supportive, are they?! There will be more shocks when the paperback edition, updated, with new photographs is published. The plot thickens. Thanks as always & wishing you a happy weekend, This is an amazing thread. I think I will view these stories now through a different lens. Hes always banging on/going to court about security. Just thought I would let you know that the king and Queen will be leaving France on the 30th March to go first to Hamburg and then on to Berlin. The bridesmaid dresses not fitting is another good example of this kind of disruption. Thank you for contributing to the discussion about the monarchy. Her image has stayed in my mind rolling about fairly consistently which I thought meant something. It left me wondering about the danger of a stroke for King Charles with the blame being stress of family tensions. The Tom Inskip Jamaica wedding story and pix are interesting too. Its a fair question. Was it to set Meghan up for a manufactured story about a faked pregnancy (with no basis in reality) or was this actually a classic eclipse cover-up by Meghan? Looking at Harrys natal chart, the publishing program will run until 2026, and being a Penguin Random House author myself (having been published by the same two men Harry thanks the marvellous Bill Scott-Kerr and Larry Finlay) I have to say not just sequels, but a paperback mass-market edition with unseen photographs and a new bombshell for the front page. The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Norway have already said that the heiresses to the throne are free to marry a woman if they want. Is The Arab League involved in the Andrew and Harry story? Who would have the strongest interest in achieving that aim? Julie. This was around the time Lady Susan Hussey was dragged into accusations of racism, rather oddly recorded at a party. Peter filmed her talking very openly about very private experiences of her life since her childhood. You know what would fix so much of this? Wow Jessica, I log on this morning and you are spoiling us with so many fantastic new pieces of analysis! Its pretty fascinating that a lot of your predictions have come true and its hard to understand why more people dont believe in astrology based on that alone. Two clever photographers can produce two different photographs of the same pregnant woman in profile. But if you were to ask me my opinion what actually should be done, then I would say ask each congregation how they want things done. I hope so. Theres something so off about MeghanI have felt that for a long time. Just thought Id share a link towards a video by a French medium, Claire Thomas about some of Dianas past lives. Something is off about Meghan, the former actress. The month of April was mentioned. Gas lighting, the method of choice of the Stasi in East Germany, Russia, and latterly Donald Trump. There may be another bomb, involving one of the two children. I wonder who will have the courage to heal with absolute compassion for all. For astrologers, the key degrees in Harrys natal chart which line up with historic charts for the USA and Russia are Sagittarius 9, 16 and 28. So why would he expect it now. From my vantage point I could only see the shrubs around Dianas grave. So from Andrew, Harry and Meghan come the polls. [But] you know, three days before our wedding, we got married. Im not sure. She was beheaded after 9 days and Catholic (Bloody) Mary 1 took the throne followed by Protestant Elizabeth 1. Astrology doesnt really show something rotten but it does show a perfect storm for the Church of England in March. Hi Jessica Agree with all the above about accusations of anger etc. Perhaps Maxwells future memoir will bring some things into the light? This fits the astrology perfectly. Thats what these astrology charts show. It is all very poignant, peaceful and beautiful. Significant more so, because I then glanced at the TV that was running in the background, and there was a still of Princess Diana. I think its fair to say that the Duchess of Sussex is a former actress, but in her current role, is still acting. Alarm bells ringing all over the place with this one, but most specifically about the Taliban claim which makes the family targets. About the time of their marriage James Stuart announced his engagement and he married some months later. They are now showing a crisis for this family. This is beginning to look like batten down the hatches and also umbrellas up for the younger Royals The Royal family manage their inheritance because they produce the heirs and spares who rule Britain and the Commonwealth. He is still a minority shareholder. Sagittarius and the Ninth House are about foreign cultures (multiculturalism) as much as foreign countries. Lady C is really of no help whatsoever by saying the massive secret was something the public told the family, online. I find with Harry his words dont match his actions. Only to then read a prepared speech, unveil a plaque etc, with barely a hint of the real person underneath. Perhaps his unconscious is talking to him about the coronation or perhaps he is part of a set-up that is bigger than himself. Thats the Aries-Libra node cycle, and being Libra, it concerns marriage and weddings. If Harry did take a DNA test it may have been then and he concealed it. Thank you. The couple obviously married while war on Ukraine was just a dream for Vladimir Putin, but the Ukraine chart also lines up with Harrys. He knows too well that his father and particularly his brother cant release their own book refuting the claims so we are left with one side of a story which at best is subjective. This cycle runs to July 2023. Though of course I have no proof. Yet. Her Mulberry bag shes holding possibly mirroring the moon. Whilst we have only yet seen extracts from the text, JR Moehringer may well have represented Harrys voice with outstanding accuracy, including confusion, memory lapses, dysregulated emotions etc. Thanks for reminding me about Mother Natures actions in America this week! Too odd. This may be so, but another option is that the ghost writer is not contracted to display his own intellect and beliefs, but to portray those of his subject, using his language, his emphases and distorted perceptions, and his intentions. Thank you. At least these days it is harder for people to lie, with everyone having a camera in their hands, and many checks able to be made by our fingertips. You are so objective and unselfish in all you do. Ive never cheated on a partner and my conscious is clear on my terms/souls journey, and not Welbys and his type. But I expect that will be after the coronation. The swords for Harry and Meghan are conflict; this is war. The person who went on a rant today and ended her membership was wrong in saying that you wrote this feature in anger. When you ask Why are so many of us doing so much feeling for a story that isnt ours? you are asking an excellent question. Many people have commented on how similar Harry is in appearance to Henry VIII who broke with Rome so that he may divorce Catherine and marry Anne Boleyn causing a schism in the church and England. Hmmmm Thank you for continuing the discussion. He is the youngest member of the band One Direction. Another quick question about this issue which I really cant stay away from however much I want to. How interesting. I am gaining my qualifications to become a celebrant (marriages, funerals, baby namings) is this a good way forward for me? I am so invested in this thread, so I immediately thought of it when this story appeared this evening, UK time! Cant believe how many plates you keep all spinning at the same time. Thank you so very much for replying, especially because youre so busy, it made my day! The astrology of Prince Harry shows someone who would be a philanthropist and businessman, were he not born into royalty. A handsome blonde giant at 64, fierce warrior and a Yorkist King of England twice over (1461-1470 & 1471-1483), taking over from the Lancastrian King Henry VI on both occasions. Edward IV is still the tallest ever King to rule England, William will be next tallest at 63 (his height being a Spencer trait rather than Windsor). With reference to this interesting conversation, its been eye opening to learn about the astrology teaching and informing us of events and themes. Beyond the lucrative financial rewards, there is a powerful psychological motive. You mention sister issues. I do not know what her motives are, but as Ive said before, I am struck by the sense of a storyboard. According to this video, one of the main reasons for a diagnosis of HPD rather than Narcissism is that HPD is established by early adulthood, whereas narcissism develops as an adult. Is there anything spontaneous and natural about any of this? So are we seeing deliberate obfuscation or is this just dope? Australia psychic Kerrie Erwin cast her thoughts on the future of the Prince, 33, and his actress wife-to-be, 36, while also making some other general predictions on the wider royal family. I got the same off feeling from him that I get when I do a reading of someone that is one antidepressives or have a drug habit. Thank you for your kind words. She may be genuine as far as I know, Im aware shes portrayed a certain wayhaving said that I love that astrology can be relied upon for advice and perspective. The Firm has been pushed into the 21st century and like any business, may want to reconsider the flawed idea of handing the reins over based on birth order and gender. She recovers her composure and I take up the topic of Peter, referring to him as a past relationship. Maybe others will be drawn in? Happy Lunar New Year Maja and I appreciate your very kind comments. I love your research plus the information from your viewers. By the way the Queen will have left everything to King Charles. The co-founder said Oprahs endorsement was worth $1million to the business. was them leaving for US already planned, as part of Charles plan to reduce the size of the firm which theyd have to do anyway as theres now so many of them? How to. I recently watched a YouTube video posted by a UK tarot reader Claire Thackray re the publication of Harrys book. Also, intriguingly, in 1820 when Uranus and Neptune were previously in conjunction and in the sign of Capricorn another Prince of Wales very nearly brought down the monarchy. There are memes, tropes and set pieces galore in the saga. The Royal Marriages Act of 1772 took place on the same cycle we are about to see, starting in July 2023. It was not even about what happened to Thomas Markle who must feel dreadful every time he thinks of it it was something I could not even name. He had already heard their vows, days before. People were astonished at how sophisticated AI is getting. Reading all of these comments, it plays like a thriller and I can t wait for the next page! The country desperately needs William and Kate, and their team, because they are so perfectly aligned with those wartime values. The purpose is to change the balance of power by creating instability. The path around the lake is surrounded by large trees. Thank you, Jessica, for your response which points me to be in the year 2023, this Leo weather of my chart in this year, and the coming Pluto in Capricorn last degrees affecting my chart. Instead we have him riffing about King Charles teddy bears. Present was Angela Kelly, the Queens advisor and one of the few authors given Her Majestys approval. Theres nothing off about either of those photos. We are being manipulated online at industrial strength levels, to feel angry. She has allegedly been visiting him at the Beverley Hills Hotel. Thanks so much for this blog so fascinating and just cant wait to see the astrology of March unfolding. This has been the best ever, ever blog article thread. (Incidentally, Putins spokesman Lavrov(?) English singer, songwriter, and actor. Perhaps those papers were amongst those that were burned. We are now heading for Pluto in Aquarius, replacing Pluto in Capricorn. Was Markus Anderson at wedding. This is something William will have to deal with in 2023, 2024, 2025 and yet by early 2026 his obstacle course with foreign countries and foreign cultures is over. Literally unpredictable, in the way of these things, in astrology. My psychic radar went off considering how close Sweden is to be joining NATO and our secret service has warned about desinformations campaigns and foreign interference, and suddenly we have our own Soho House in Stockholm. Interestingly I have noticed on online forums their biggest and most vociferous defenders are Republicans who want to do away with the RF altogether. My chin is going to fall off by March! Their main purpose is to take down Will and Kate and become American royalty. Diana was very attracted to exotic countries. This is deeply sinister and I think your analysis is incredible. We all have choices. But Prince Harry child Archie, I also felt he be going back to the uk, when is is older, but his sister will be an artist and to art, and with many rumours but Archie is the one who going to reunite with Prince George, Any advice on my chart, for the month of January. It is also possible he will say something very bold or something looked on with criticism. I am happy you are keeping this going and I am trying to put as much together as possible about March, 2023. In the original prediction about the Royal Family I referenced Affairs, Heirs and Spares and of course it would be six years before Prince Harry even contemplated Spare as a title, so I think I was working on a purely psychic level for that section. The Queen is being shown an ancient piece of parchment. I felt compelled to cross reference the comment re the medium Claire Thomas. He sold the seven-acre site to the Sussexes for a heavy discount of 11million. Thank you for adding to this ongoing conversation, which I expect will not end this month! Harrys book is supposed to be about lambasting the corrupt UK news and why he would care about that now that hes left the country? This must be in a book or journal, or on a website, so I will go and find out. Our late Queen. Whatever it means, it meant to me some sort of US connection. on footage of the Queens funeral. The BBC say, quite concisely, that Harry and Meghan left Britain because of the media (well, its part of the job) and because they could not get their way with Sussex branding. From that point, he takes on a new role. There will be a few people around the world celebrating the ingress of Pluto in Aquarius (and also celebrating the end of Pluto in Capricorn, the cycle which gave us Trump). The gay marriage issue is really just speculation; you can bet many in the establishment are thinking about it, though. Besides, finding out that Charles isnt his Dad may be a little inconvenient for the ambitions of his wife Meghan. For all that its good that Harry will remind the public about her unlawful killing perhaps new evidence will emerge Diana is mother to his brother too, and grandmother to William and Kates children. Ive often been to Soho House, Soho branch, and been intrigued by all the hidden rooms, nooks and crannies. Frankly I dont believe it, never have but its interesting that Coren has links to Soho House, his close friend Nick Jones being the founder and former CEO of SH. So Roell predicted that he will not become king. The Oprah Winfrey racism interview could have gone out at any time at all. This is something very new. And your responses are so generous and detailed. Thank you. Its a pity that R/M chose wrongly, the prince is really a Spare compared to the crown prince (sorry!) The strain is there from March 2023, for both of them. I am not british and I know that the conflict is sensitive and that it has also become central again after Brexit. You also ask a good question about the 100 million Welby has promised for slave trade reparation by the Church of England. Do you think she was pregnant the second time? We have this cycle, Pluto in Aquarius, every 248 years. Jessica, Im obsessed with this post, so many interesting comments. Beyond all the doctrine and legal questions, there is that purely moral question, as you say. Cheers. I adore reading the content provided on your site, thanks always! Think Meghan was already a candidate/already chosen; he was softening the public up to the idea. As to why artists are rejecting the proposed coronation concert, thats another story. I wonder if the church knows that maybe under the royal family/monarchy/church of England rules they still arent legally married? This is by far and away the discussion everyone wants to join, so far in 2023. Her very close relationship with Marcus Anderson has also been questioned. When the Henry/Rachel news even reaches the media of a non-English speaking country, one begins to wonder what the purpose is. Fair? Transiting Saturn at 0 Pisces will trine his natal Pluto at 0 Scorpio for the first time in 29 years. Debbie Frank made predictions before the Duke & Duchess of Sussex tied the knot in 2018, with many since having come true. It is all building up as the astrology said so rapidly now. Its industrial-strength propaganda being pumped out online by those who wish the Commonwealth and the Special Relationship harm. I dont know what is going on with life for you in the bedroom, with courtship, your children and young relatives but Virgo has a cycle (ending in March) when that comes with deep questions about control and power. Jaw on the floor and plot twist. It would be uncertain, though, so that there could be a reunion episode. She was seeing Pluto in Aquarius and the impact on Millennials born with the outer planets in Aquarius: the water-bearers. Cant wait for them to get divorced and H to go back to England. Also apparently not doing the coronation. Paperback edition, never-before-seen colour photographs, new front page story. Russia Beyond actually published a correction on their website: CORRECTION: The article previously stated that the uniform Prince Harry wore is that of the Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. Charles III is boxing clever here. Pluto in Aquarius doesnt really do evil dictators. He has been pulled up in the press before for mean/thoughtless tweets. The Church of England is pursuing the idea of a female God at the General Synod. And whats more there was a moment during Queen Elizabeths funeral that struck me as particularly poignant. Which makes me question their veracity. He just doesnt understand how he is putting American culture against the British culture. And more than once. Anyone can go. Funny. And, hey presto, the peculiar little ceremony held behind the publics back (never mind the Church of England) is rolled out. industrial strength). Styles (born Feb. 1, 1994) is an airy and eccentric Aquarius, while Wilde (born March 10, 1984) is an emotional and watery Pisces. Money talks. The three of them decided to release it when his grandfather was dying.